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Last 3 years better service with T-Mobile USA
Phone: (8/2009) Android Magic / Google Phone / MyTouch 3GS
Arrived with UMA DISABLED, 800: Your phone can't vs. FCC appr.
Was Offered and Declined HotSpot at Home for Voice
  • 2009 OCT 05 - 12:49 Pacific - Google / T-Mob -- Bad Robot
  • - Android MyTouch 3GS Update: Donut, 1.6
  • - "Gmail App" mostly BROKEN. Won't sync, can't connect Except to read how many unread emails.
  • - Lots of calls to 800-Support and still Andy-MyTouch
  • - Then the smart support lady told me we cannot change our base account/password Gmail entry. NOW Thats Secure!!! :-<
    This review From CELLPHONESIGNAL
  • The HTC Magic, codenamed "Sapphire", is the first T-Mobile device to pass through the FCC with both T-Mobile 3G, AND UMA. Lucky day indeed for T-Mobile users, what more could you ask for?
  • How about a CellPhoneSignal, 100% confidant confirmation that the HTC Magic will arrive on T-Mobile™s network as the big brother to the current T-Mobile G1. As the next in T-Mobile™s line of Android handsets, so far the HTC Magic is living up to our expectations with the few features we know. Specs include:
    • * Android
    • * T-Mobile 3G HSDPA/HSUPA
    • * Wifi with UMA (Hotspot@Home)
    • * 5 Megapixel Camera
  • *Note* FCC ID: NM8SPRM (Approved Mar 26, 2009) 1700MHz, UMA, etc
  • *Note* FCC ID: NM8SPRR (Approved Jun 19, 2009) 1700MHz, UMA, etc

    From about 2000 - )-: the AT&T Days :-(

  • [ CURRENT 9/8 but called Status 7.18 ] 
  • This Site http://pn.cotdazr.org Originally Feb 2000 Edited Sun Oct 11 09:16:22 PDT 2009
  • JUN 2000 -- Originated this page retained to remind me why never to deal again with AT&T and their service model. This killed Apple for me too ATT iPhone
  • Service: "Premium$" STILL NOT fully useable, ordered 6/14 NOW 3 months of the first free two months.
  • I am VERY little better impressed than 3 months ago, Some ATTWS PNet folks are taking little OR NO responsibility for getting the problems fixed.
  • AT&T: You Need a Ticket number and follow up tree if quality control figures high in the market piece.